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To motivate our readers to see the world and take the stress out of traveling to places that will change their perspectives and create joy in their lives.​

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We’re Dom and Maggie, the two semi-retired, fun-loving travelers who created this awesome travel blog! We have discovered that we both LOVE exploring beautiful and festive places in Europe. We travel frequently and enjoy it so thoroughly that we decided to share our accumulated wisdom and joy to help others in their travel planning to experience the same joy we have. We love sharing our experiences with others and hope you can learn from our sound planning and occasional debacles. 

Before we found the joy of traveling to (and then walking and bicycling in) charming historic centers of European towns, we spent too much time looking longingly at photos of others while they were traveling, and wishing we could do what they were doing.

Maggie was tired of working too many hours at a corporate job, and traveling too infrequently. And Dom had a transportation and urban design career that allowed him to see how well-designed and enjoyable the towns and streets in Europe had remained, while many towns in the USA did not allow for the same joy due to the hostile, car-oriented road designs.

The solution soon became obvious – find a way to leverage our mutual love of regularly traveling in the historic Old Towns (Centro Storico in Italian) of European cities on affordable, self-guided 1-3 week trips to experience the joy of walking, bicycling, and exploring in those towns. We realized our love of travel and skills for travel-planning provided a perfect match to do this. Maggie spent much of her career learning about the logistics of travel and is therefore highly skilled in figuring out how to affordably and comfortably travel. Dom loves writing and spent much of his career learning about street and town design, which gives him powerful skills regarding where to go and what to see in Europe.

After years of exploring historic Europe, Maggie and Dom have created this travel blogging site so you can Follow Our Footprints.

Be sure to regularly visit our site because we are constantly adding new pro tips, secrets, hacks, destinations, and lessons learned for European travel!

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People visit our blog site to vicariously travel with us, laugh with us about our quagmires and debacles (learning how to avoid such things themselves), and discover how they can find the joy we experience by getting our guidance about how to travel the way we do.

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In sum, our many years on the road allow us to know what works and what does not work. We know a great many tricks and secrets so that you can experience the time of your lives!

Who We Are
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Dom In Cortona

Dom Nozzi


Dom has a long list of beautiful, historic European cities on his travel bucket list. He has visited over 56 cities in Italy alone and still has many more to see - so stay tuned! Dom is an amateur photographer and loves writing insightful observations about our travels. Follow his blogs to discover the best destinations in Italy and beyond.

Maggie in Amsterdam

Maggie Waddoups


Maggie is our logistics expert. She does all of the legwork when planning our trips. She finds the best airfare, researches pricing and books our lodging, and she figures out the best way to get from point A to point B. Maggie's favorite way to explore is by bicycle, so you will always get great tips on best bicycle rentals and tours in each city.